Our Coffees

La Morelia Gourmet

Special coffee with medium roast, to highlight the attributes of Colombian coffee. With fragrance, aroma, acidity, sweetness and pleasant residual.

Café La Morelia, a gourmet product of origin, ripe coffee fruits hand-picked by men and women to guarantee its quality, excellent taste and with the heritage of the half century of tradition. 100% natural, Colombian from the Quindío area, Café La Morelia means the evolution of a process that returns in each sip the emotion of a universal drink, made from the bowels of the tropics.

Gourmet Coffee Profile

fragrance: Intensity with vanilla and caramel notes.

aroma: Medium intensity with high tendency with notes of red fruits.

acidity: medium high green apple.

Body: Creamy medium. residual taste: Clean and durable